What to use instead of boxes when moving?

Lark says that they are easy to carry and are usually equipped with several compartments of different sizes, the backpacks are ideal for storing your electronic devices. Be sure to take a picture of the electronics to remember how to reassemble them, Lark advises. Why pack a dozen empty wallets in a box when you use them to store things? “You can use large bags to pack small, clean items, such as toiletries or clothing, or some fragile items that don't belong in a box, such as jewelry,” says Kate Windleton, relocation manager for Strong Move. Use vacuum bags to reduce the volume of your bedding (pillows, duvets, blankets, towels, sheets, etc.

This way, you can pack a good amount of bulky soft items into a couple of large vacuum bags instead of using a lot of large cardboard boxes. Change it and load those wheeled bags with important papers, printers, cumbersome serving items and small but heavy appliances. It will be much easier to transport them from the old house to the new one without having to do any serious lifting. In addition, many suitcases have pockets, ideal for storing items that are easy to lose, such as bags with screws and short cords.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Do your family's briefcases usually carry work-related materials? Perfect. They will be kept safe and identifiable by packing them in the same way. Laptops, user manuals for various electronics and household appliances and important financial documents will need to find a place in your new home office anyway, so you better make the trip together.

Suitcases are designed to protect the contents inside. Use reinforced and sturdy luggage to transport heavy dishes and kitchen utensils. You can also have each family member carry a suitcase full of what they need until everything is settled in your new home. Give your paper shredder another purpose in life.

Use your shredded documents as a filling for your boxes instead of packing peanuts. Shredded paper is a good packaging filler that would otherwise be wasted. Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are the gold standards for moving because they help ensure that your most precious items arrive safely, so if you are using the alternatives mentioned above, Haworth has some suggestions for using them wisely. Stop begging your friends, family and local stores for free (and not always in good condition) boxes, you have (smarter) options when it comes to moving boxes, if you dare to look for them.

Everything from small plastic shoe boxes to long under-bed storage boxes and boxes is perfect for neatly fragile belongings. So, when you are preparing to pack some or all of your home, it helps to know that cardboard boxes are not your only option. And if that's the case, then all you need to do is keep reading to find out how moving without using boxes is an option that could work well for you. This alternative to moving boxes is certainly much easier to open and reseal than a moving box with adhesive tape, and once the move is over, instead of going trip after trip to the recycle bin, these plastic moving boxes (really just storage bins of any size) can carry second lives as storage containers or even to move supplies for the next move, too.

Initially a niche moving trend, the option of renting plastic moving boxes is becoming increasingly popular with large companies, such as U-Haul, and smaller companies that focus on offering moving box rentals. And since these tips encourage the reuse of household items and the reuse of boxes, you can also help the environment by being less dependent on new materials. You won't have to pack your clothes in separate boxes and you won't have to throw away countless piles of bubble wrap after your move. Following solid advice that includes these reliable moving tips can help, but it can also help tackle one of the most challenging parts of the process, which is accumulating enough moving boxes to make the move possible.

Packing things without boxes is only possible if cardboard boxes are replaced by other types of containers. Rentacrate has been renting plastic moving boxes long before people were too worried about the environmental impact of their moves. Tall table lamps, brooms, mops and tall plants are items that don't fit well within a standard box, but they do fit well in a laundry basket (Lark recommends lining the basket with a plastic bag before adding plants). When you start packing for a big move, don't stop at your local store to pick up a pack of cardboard boxes.

All those cardboard boxes add up, and even if you make sure you recycle them correctly, you still have a lot of materials that are not so easy to recycle, such as packaging tape and plastic wrap. . .