Do and don'ts of moving?

Our top 10 move-in do's and don'ts: Plan a full day of packing for each room. Get rid of things as you go. Move your plants on your own. Label the boxes where they should go.

When moving day finally comes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The days of packing and planning are over, and now all that's left is to settle into your new home. However, moving day is a collaborative effort, whether you work with professional movers or have the help of friends, it's worth considering how the moving etiquette makes the process easier for everyone involved in the big day. In addition, the more clearly you label the boxes, the better.

Use a bold marker to write where each box should go, with a room and secondary designation (e.g. canned goods, toys, books) if necessary. To make things easier in your new home, be sure to stick the signs with that information so that the boxes are placed in the correct room (for example, COVID-19 protocols may prevent movers from accepting refreshments, but the gesture is likely to be appreciated). Don't try to haggle the price when it's time to pay your moving agents.

Most moving companies offer upfront quotes, so any negotiations must be done before hiring them. Trying to save money at the last minute is a bad move etiquette and shows a lack of respect for those who move. In a successful move, everyone works together. While some aspects of moving etiquette are move-day specific, basic etiquette goes far, being considerate and communicative during the move paves the way for a smooth journey to your new home.