What should you not pack in a moving truck?

What not to carry in the moving truckAerosols, ammunition and guns, charcoal, cleaners containing bleach or ammonia, fertilizers, lighter fluid, nail polish remover, oil or gas of any kind. There's no doubt that packing to move usually takes longer than expected. And at that time 11, it can be tempting to just throw away everything that's left in a box or on the truck. B Don't just load your pantry into a box or your fridge or freezer into a cooler, warns Baluja.

Not only is food likely to spoil, but there is also a risk of attracting pests, Glanz points out. Baluja adds that there may be exceptions if a move is less than 150 miles and items will be delivered within 24 hours of loading, but be sure to check with your moving company. If you want to keep your most sentimental and valuable belongings safe, it might be a good idea not to put them in a moving truck, but to take them with you during the move. You should also not pack anything in the moving truck that you may need during the move or when you first arrive at your new home.

It is extremely important to comply with the rules, because if not, you could get into trouble with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) during interstate relocations and with other regulators during intrastate moves. Daily cleanliness, beauty, and potentially flammable items are safe when stored in the garage, workshop or under the sink, but they're perfect examples of what you shouldn't pack when you move in. When you're deciding what not to pack when you move, you should consider carrying all personal documents and identification with you. If your move will be picked up and delivered within 24 hours, the moving company may allow perishable goods to be transported as long as they are properly packed.

These items are capable of causing fires by themselves, exploding, burning or otherwise destroying what is packed in the truck and everything around them. When working with a local and interstate moving company, many people want to move their household plants and other green areas from their gardens. Don't try to pack anything fresh in your moving truck, even if it's only for a day or two and it's sealed in containers. Don't forget to always keep your moving documents accessible, in case you have questions about moving paperwork.

To help you avoid moving day headaches, we've created a handy list of what not to pack when you move in. To keep movers and their belongings safe during transit, there are a variety of items you can't pack on a moving truck.