What should you not move with?

Hazardous materials include fertilizers, paints, aerosols and pesticides. Hazardous materials are absolutely out of the question when it comes to loading a moving truck. Fortunately, many of these items can be easily disposed of before the move. Hazardous materials include fertilizers, paints, aerosols, pesticides, motor oil, batteries and acids.

Anything that is flammable or potentially explosive is considered prohibited for moving companies. Here are 12 things you shouldn't bring to your new home when you move. Be ruthless when you check things with expiration dates. That includes spices, condiments, medicines, and even beauty products.

As much as you like your products, they can be harmful (or even deadly) to your health, so save yourself the hospital bill and leave overdue items on the move. Instead of buying something to keep, choose to rent the equipment when you actually use it. If you're not an inveterate mountain biker, for example, you'll probably end up saving money by renting a bike, instead of shelling out $2000 for a high-end bike that you'll only use once or twice. In addition, this will help you save space in your garage.

The same goes for instruments: book a piano room at your local church or university, or rent a guitar to satisfy that musical desire.