What items cannot be moved by movers?

Hazardous materials include fertilizers, paints, aerosols, pesticides, motor oil, batteries and acids. Anything that is flammable or potentially explosive is considered prohibited for moving companies. Mayflower recommends that you read the following information before packing so that you can separate these prohibited items from the rest of your belongings. If you have questions about a particular item, contact your Mayflower moving coordinator for more information.

It's where you can find new furniture, places to move, storage, and other services, such as dog walking or mortgages. If you hire a moving company to move you, they will likely give you a sheet with all the items that the moving company can't pack or move. This way, you can check the estimated price of the move and, what's more, get additional information about the things that are illegal to move. You've done everything you can to plan and schedule your next move, and now you're ready to start packing.

With so many people entering and leaving your home before the move (prospective buyers, home inspectors, repair companies, etc.), this is the best moving guide to what to dispose of, and how and what to pack for moving professionals. If you want to keep all your paints and garage items, or items like the propane tank or fire extinguisher, you can always move those items in your own car. Call or send SMS text messages using an automatic telephone dialing system or a prerecorded message to my cell phone number to provide account information and services related to my long-distance move. These companies specialize in transporting pets and will make your life easier if you can't move your animal on your own.

Some objects may seem obvious, such as gasoline and loaded weapons, but others are not as obvious, such as wax candles and indoor plants. When hiring a moving company, always ask them for their list of prohibited items and ask them about any questionable items. The first items require you to drain the gas and oil from them before you put them in the moving truck. To make the moving process as smooth and stress-free as possible, these items should not be included in the boxes intended for the moving truck, but should be handled in alternative ways that are safe for everyone.

Certain items can be moved by a moving company, but you'll need to prepare them before the moving day. Keep in mind that these dangerous items must be properly disposed of to comply with federal, state and local laws and to protect the environment.