What not to take with you when moving?

If you're about to move, you don't want to take everything with you, clothes that don't fit well, shoes you used once and then hid in a basket, obsolete electronics like old phones or VHS players, posters you bought in college, expired food, expired medicines, expired makeup, lost shoelaces. The last thing you want when you move in is for a bottle of wine to break and soak everything else. Give your friends bottles of alcohol or get rid of them completely. Here are 12 things you shouldn't bring to your new home when you move.

Be ruthless when going through things with expiration dates. This means spices, condiments, medicines and even beauty products. As much as you like your products, they could be harmful (or even fatal) to your health, so save yourself the hospital bill and leave your items past due on the move. Instead of buying something forever, choose to rent the equipment when you actually use it.

If you're not an inveterate mountain biker, for example, you'll probably end up saving money by renting a bike, instead of spending $2,000 for a top-of-the-line bike that you'll only use once or twice. In addition, this will help you save space in your garage. The same goes for instruments: book a piano room at your local church or university, or rent a guitar to eliminate that musical itch.