What is the best way to move boxes?

Packing tips for movingUse boxes of the correct size. Place heavier items on the bottom of boxes and lighter items on top. Do not leave empty spaces in the boxes. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.

Label each box with the room it is intended for and a description of its contents. Greyhound offers express packages, a way to take advantage of the excess space under its buses. Here's how it works and some quick tips for shipping with Greyhound. Visit Ship Greyhound for an online quote.

For special items such as a delicately used Coach bag or your 90s Beanie Babies collection, go to eBay. When you move home, you inevitably end up having 600 different things to do and remember. Don't let all these important tasks and reminders, no matter how obvious they seem, go through your mind. You might think that your flat screen TV could handle a 30-minute trip around the city in a cardboard box, but, unfortunately, it's a fragile piece of technology.

The best way to transport your electronic devices is in the original boxes they arrived in when you bought them. Find out in advance who will be the boss on the day of the move. Whoever is comfortable taking over the download and organization process (and inevitably answering 400 different questions) should take up this position. The Home Depot Medium Moving Box is a basic box designed to hold and store your heavy and bulky items, from kitchen items and toys to small appliances, clothing and much more.

The box holds up to 65 lbs. Although they are quite sturdy for a moving truck, you'll want to choose double-walled boxes for shipping (including moving containers).