How do you pack boxes for moving fast?

You can use a quilted bubble roll, crumpled paper or a bath towel. This strengthens the box and adds an extra layer of protection if the bottom of the box gets wet or dirty during the move. Save more of that packaging material to put on top of your things when you've filled the box. Start by buying new, quality boxes for your move.

You will want to find boxes made of corrugated cardboard. You can find them at most hardware stores, moving companies and storage facilities. Beware of cheap boxes that are made of thin cardboard, as they will not protect from bumps or weight from other boxes. Used and free boxes from places like craigslist may seem attractive, but they carry a lot of risks.

These boxes usually contain bacteria from previously stored food. They may also have hidden insects that could damage your belongings. Instead of packing bedding separately, consider using it as packaging material. Fill the bottom of moving boxes with sheets, blankets, towels, and other soft sheets.

This step will allow you to kill two birds with one stone, pack bedding and cushion your other items. Cups and bowls can be packed one inside the other, with paper in the middle, and wrapped three or four in a package. All you have to do to pack is take the clothes from the hanger in your closet and hang them in the closet box. When packing moving books, pack them or other heavy items in small boxes; lightweight items, such as sheets and pillows, can be packed into larger boxes.

You'll have less to pack, less to move and less to unpack and you'll start your life in your new space with a clean slate. Once everything is packed in the box, fill any empty spaces with wrapping paper to prevent damage from shifting. You may not need a lot of large moving boxes while packing and moving, but they can be useful for certain items. The boxes are large enough to fit over a large part of the room, but small enough to avoid overpacking and making the boxes too difficult to lift.

There's nothing more frustrating than having to stop in the middle of a packing session to get more supplies. You can also simplify things and write in which room the box will be located and what is the contents. Following a moving checklist can help you make sure everything is in order before, during and after the move; another good move tip is to commit to having a good attitude to all the changes ahead. One of the easiest ways to pack and move is to keep your items organized is to pack similar items together in each room.

Don't forget to stock up on packing supplies, such as packing paper, duct tape, bubble wrap, and pads of paper. Start by filling the bottom of the book box with wrapping paper to protect your items from dirt and damage. When you pack photos for moving, tape an X over the glass to reinforce it and hold it together if it breaks. The metal rod that holds the clothes can become too heavy and break the box, leaving your clothes vulnerable.