What can't be packed in moving truck?

Flammable or explosive materials Items such as gasoline, diesel, lighter fluid, matches and fireworks are clearly prohibited. You can't put moving trucks on others. Many of these restricted items are likely to be found in your garage or with your household cleaning supplies. Other items could be around your house, in bathrooms and storage rooms.

Items such as gasoline and ammunition may seem obvious, but others are not as obvious, such as wax candles and indoor plants. Mayflower encourages you to read the following information before packing so that you can separate these prohibited items from the rest of your belongings. If you have questions about a particular item, please contact your Mayflower moving coordinator for clarification. Some of those items that moving companies can't move are also illegal, so it's not only about moving companies being too cautious, but it's also about professional moving companies complying with the law.

An alternative is to hire local and long-distance carriers, such as Allied Van Lines, to pack your belongings for you. Although it seems that there are a lot of items that can't go on the moving truck, these items will only represent a small percentage of what you move. This includes documents from your insurance company or healthcare provider, your personal identification, and all documents associated with your move. When it comes to your personal items, carriers don't want to be responsible if something small is missing.

To keep your most precious belongings safe, it's a good idea not to pack sentimental and valuable items in the moving truck. To help you avoid moving day headaches, we've created a handy list of what not to pack when you move in. If you have questions about a particular item, please contact your United moving coordinator for clarification. Regardless of whether or not your moving company has an internal policy on transporting customers' valuables, you should consider carrying any valuables with you at all times during the move.

If you want to keep all your paints and items from the garage, or items like the propane tank or fire extinguisher, you can always move those items in your own car. When working with a local and interstate moving company, many people want to move their household plants and other green areas from their gardens. Professional carriers don't like transporting these items because of the inherent risk of loss or damage. Keep in mind that restricted items from moving companies may vary from moving company to moving company, so it's a good idea to strategize what to do with those items before you start packing.

Anything that could be considered poisonous will not be allowed on a moving truck due to the threat they pose to carriers. No matter how good the moving company is, there will be some steps you need to take so that the movers can do their job properly.