Do packers and movers pack clothes?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes, at least for most full-service moving companies. As an additional service, moving companies can, in fact, come to your house and help you with the packaging process, and this includes your clothes. Most professional movers are very experienced and are trained to pack your belongings using the best techniques. It is recommended that you pack your own clothes and pack a suitcase for the day of the move with fresh clothes and necessary toiletries to facilitate installation in your new home for the first few nights.

If you have sentimental items, be sure to tell the moving company which items are important. You might be wondering how much bubble wrap and wrapping paper you need and if you need any other moving supplies. Professional moving companies can guide you on what you should buy and deliver your supplies to you when you're in the packing process. The benefit of both services is that you can focus on your family and work instead of spending hours and hours packing or unpacking.

When you move, if you pack your bags yourself, you might wonder how many boxes you need or even what type of boxes to buy. The end of a full-service move can include not only unpacking, but also removing all the boxes and wrappers from the move. Experts often recommend packing things such as important documents and medications, as well as some changes of clothes, and storing them in a separate suitcase. Atlantic Relocation Systems has extensive experience in moving electronic devices and in the packaging and transportation of other sensitive and high-value products.

By coordinating the logistics of your move, a full-service moving company will help you reduce the stress related to the moving process and allow you to reach your destination efficiently.

By using disposable covers for shoes and carpets, as well as tracking sheets at high-traffic points, such as the front door and stairs, carriers take protective precautions to help keep the house, clothing and belongings clean throughout the packing and moving process.

Professional packers can do the job in just a day or two, depending on the size of the house you're moving from.