What should you not let movers take?

Potentially dangerous items: gasoline, oxygen bottles, lighter fluid, matches, propane cylinders, nail polish removers, paints and paint thinners, fireworks. See how to properly pack and move indoor plants. Most families take their pets in the car and, along the way, plan stops at pet-friendly hotels in advance. Check out our tips for moving with pets.

Perishable foods are another major impediment when it comes to making a move. If you're moving from eastern states to western states, such as California, Washington and Oregon, you'll also need to submit a gypsy moth certification form for the outdoor items you bring with you. Moving companies won't put a propane tank in the moving truck, so you'll have to give it away or move it yourself in your car if you're moving locally. Your carriers should not move your important documents, including medical records and anything that has sentimental value.

When it comes to your personal items, moving companies don't want to take any responsibility if something small is missing. Most moving companies even have experience moving less common objects, such as pool tables, hot tubs, and motorcycles. In addition, moving companies may refuse to transport objects that are irreplaceable, that have profound sentimental value, or that have extraordinary value. If you hire a moving company to move you, they'll likely give you a “things not allowed” sheet with all the items that the moving company can't pack or move.

Moving companies probably don't want to vacuum up all the dust that has accumulated on furniture or have to deal with crumbs on the couch. They are so valuable that, in the event of an accident, they cannot be restored or replaced, and moving companies know this. How to prepare for moving: Moving from home isn't as simple as hiring a moving company and “done”, it's done. Some moving companies transport plants in local movers, but they are generally prohibited in interstate relocations.

Imagine having spent days or weeks packing up your entire house and preparing for your move, only to discover that the moving company won't transport your nail polish remover or your favorite cactus. If you're wondering what objects moving companies will or won't move and you're moving a long distance, always make the mistake of precaution. Your carriers don't have time to find out if the fireworks you own are allowed in your new state of residence and if they can legally transport them there. If that's not an option, many moving companies have relationships with companies that specialize in transporting animals across the country and around the world.