How many boxes do i need to pack a 3 bedroom house?

We suggest around 30 small boxes, 40 medium boxes, 20 large boxes, 3 extra large boxes and 6 wardrobe boxes. But what if you live in a small studio that is stacked floor to ceiling with books? Or vinyl records? Or maybe those plastic figurines that look like characters from television and cinema? All of those things vary in size and weight, and you'll need to get the right size and type of box to take them all to your new place. The bad news is that you'll still need to consider some important factors to make the average number of packing boxes better suited to your specific relocation needs. They are usually 12 x 12, so they can hold most books in size and you don't have to worry about overpacking them.

Some moving experts say that a much better way to calculate the approximate number of moving boxes you'll need to pack your things is to use the square footage of your house rather than the number of rooms. If you have a basement, attic, garage, or other rooms that need to be packed, adjust the results accordingly. The approximate price of total packaging supplies can be determined by the cubic feet of your space and the length of time you lived there. Get a measuring tape and measure your closets before you move so you plan to have enough closet boxes on the day of the move.

Hopefully, by now you should have a pretty good idea of how many boxes you'll need to have in order to have a smooth packaging process from start to finish. You don't want to get to your new house and start unpacking just to find a bunch of garbage that you should have already thrown away. Most hardcover and paperback books will fit perfectly, and even if you fill the box, it shouldn't be too heavy to move it. If you receive too many boxes of packaging, you will have paid more than necessary and you will be left wondering what to do with the excess containers.

These boxes look and act as portable mini cabinets (closets) and are ideal for packing and transporting hanging clothes. With the exception of your furniture and appliances, everything else will need to be packed in moving boxes to be properly protected during transport.